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Welcome to P.J.'s Oyster Bar
We make these promises to our patrons:

We promise cleanliness: Our deck, dining room, bar and rest rooms are always clean. It would be important to us even if it wasn't to our guests.

We promise value: Our menu pricing reflects value, from our giant lobster tail to our crispy tossed salad, no one offers the consistent value that we do. Our lunch menu alone has 15 items including shrimp, salmon, chicken breast, crab cakes, shrimp linguine and various other wraps and salads.

We promise fresh seafood: We purchase our seafood from local fishermen straight from the docks. It doesn't get any fresher.

We promise quality seafood: Kelli is a second generation Floridian and she knows fish. She has worked in seafood markets, on charter fishing boats and pulled crab traps. Her experience guarantees only the highest quality seafood will ever be served.

We promise great service: We take pride in offering fast, efficient, courteous service. If you ever experience something different, please, please, let us know. Now when the customers are lined up out the door we can't guarantee we will seat you right away, but we do promise to seat you just as fast as we can. Trust me, it's worth the wait!

We promise selection: We're a seafood restaurant with tasty pork ribs, amazing burgers and pizza for the kids. We truly have something for everyone.

We promise parking: We're lucky to have the largest parking lot on the beach, with plenty of extra spaces adjacent to our restaurant.

We promise great tasting food: At 19, Bret started cooking for a seafood restaurant in North Carolina. Who would have guessed the outcome? Then and now the preparation, care and attention to detail creates great tasting food. PJ's has a kitchen staff second to none and we are proud of their ability to consistently prepare great tasting food quickly.

Sincerely, Bret, Kelli and Madeline Umstead

We look forward to seeing you soon!
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